Snowbowl, Arizona Adventure Session

August 4, 2020

Jess and Tyler, ughhh I had so much fun capturing their love! Jess and Tyler are from Pensacola, Florida and love to travel and see new places! So naturally, they planned a trip to explore the wild wild west and lucky for me they would be in Arizona for four days! I have been in quarantine for so long I was soooo ready to get out and explore northern Arizona with these love birds. After talking about a bunch of different locations in Arizona they had their hearts set on a forest session in Flagstaff, Arizona.

More About the Cute Couple

Jess and Tyler got married in November of 2018 at Venue 1902 at Preservation Hall in Sanford, Florida. The venue used to be an old grammar school that has since been restored into a beautiful wedding venue and omg it is stunning! If you love historical buildings with a modern look then Venue 1902 is for you. At their wedding Tyler sang a song to Jess and I immediately started tearing up when they told me that. These two and their love is just everything!

Okay, I’ve rambled enough! It’s time for you guys to check out these beautiful photos! Thank you Jess and Tyler for a super sweet evening. 


After delivering these photos I received this message from Jess that made me sob, “Just a little side note – our wedding day didn’t go exactly as planned (unpredictable, typical FL weather). A beautiful fall week turned into torrential rain 10 minutes before we got married. The photos I pictured for our day didn’t really turn out how I envisioned. I really wanted some beautiful fall portraits! As it turned out, we didn’t get a lot of couples portraits because we didn’t do a first look/it was rainy and dark after our ceremony. While that was still the most incredible and lovely day of my life, I’ve always wanted photos like these outside. I love the outdoors and just adore photos like these. I’ve also gone through the process of accepting myself in different ways this past year. I feel so much more free to love myself in photos and just treasure moments like these without fear. These photos are the first pictures I’ve ever LOVED of us and they are exactly what I’ve dreamed of having. They are definitely getting framed and going up in our home! We both will cherish them and the memories associated with this time forever.” 


I am so blessed to be able to make an impact in people’s lives and feel honored to be considered to document memories for wonderful couples. But the even better blessing is the impacting amazing couples like Jess and Tyler have on me. I’ll never forget their session and the sweet love they have for each other. 

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