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My approach is not to take a million photos of you and your boo standing in one spot with perfect smiles. Nope, I'm here to capture you two, your love, and they way you interact with one another. 

Soooooo what are you going to do? Whatever the heck you want to do! Want to run around the red rocks in Sedona? Lets goooo. Frolick in the fields with the Rocky Mountains towering behind you? Say no more. Want to eat in-n-out because it's your fav burger place? Order me a double-double, I'm on my way. Want to jump in the ocean and splash around? PLEASE DO! Want to just cuddle up on your couch with your dogs? I am so there. 

If you crave experiences over perfectly posed photos, then it's your turn to tell me about you!

Let's tell your story.

my approach

I am Beyonce, always. LOL jk but really, first things first, you should know that I'm a destination wedding, elopement and boudoir photographer based in the beautiful state of Arizona. But, don't let my home base deter you - I'm down to travel near and far to photograph you and your love story. 

So a little background on me... I got started with photography in 2017. Being the introvert I am, I started photographing landscapes because they couldn't talk back to me. One day, my sister (who is actually my twin) asked me to take some photos of her, and then my older sister and her husband followed soon after. 

Fast forward a few years + a lot of practice and now you can find me running around screaming at couples how amazing they are from behind a camera basically anywhere. And surprise! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!

first things first...

hi, i'm lacie

I just want to start this off by saying one of my favorite things to do when I am over at my mom's house is going through the bucket full of printed photos of my childhood. Even if that means everyone is making fun of my Dora the Explorer haircut and telling VERY personal stories of me as a baby....yeah. And I know I am not the only one who has experienced this...

Why photos should matter to you too.

I'm a storyteller...

95% of the time you can catch me with a camera in hand, but I promise there is much more to me! I'm an ASU Alum (forks up!), coffee lover, and The Office aficionado. 

My hobbies include skiing (I used to live in Colorado, its where I picked up my first dslr camera - so the mountains are a second home to me), hiking the Arizona desert, or chatting with one of my sisters, I have three of them and one is my identical twin *insert mind blown emoji here*. 

Sunset drives and oat milk lattes.

in my free time...

I was born and raised in Arizona. I spent my childhood in Ahwatukee until I was 9 and then moved to San Tan Valley which is where I stayed until I graduated high school! After high school, I left everything and everyone I knew to go to college at Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado. And that is where my photography story begins.

My (short) life story

about me...

It was 2017, I had lived in Colorado for a year and I truly had fallen in love with the Rocky Mountains (and let's be real I was amazed by the amount of trees)!

I had just finished my first year of college at JWU and decided to take a break. With all this free time on my hands, I kept getting the feeling to get a DSLR camera. So...I headed over to Ebay and bought my very first DSLR camera (for about $50.00). I then took this camera and just wandered around Colorado and took sooo many photos of my bunny Hunter. 

How I fell in love with photography

my first camera...

This is always a fun story to tell. But it starts with me moving back to AZ near the end of 2017. I got a job at a law firm and was still dabbling in photography on the side. I was so used to photography Colorado landscapes, but when my sister asked for photos I couldn't say no!

So...we took some photos, then my other sister and her husband soon followed, and I found out that I looooved photographing love! In 2019, I shot my very first wedding! In 2020, I graduated from ASU, and got a job at a new law firm. It didn't last long though because I was soon fired from the company. There were A LOT of unknowns during this time...but I took a leap of faith, and went full time and haven't looked back!

Going full time

taking the leap...

Time to get a little sappy. There were of course moments in my life that I had no idea where I was going to go or what I was going to do. And I def couldn't have done it without my family by my side who have been my biggest cheerleaders. I honestly never imagined that this is where life would take me!

Capturing your special moments is why I LOVE photography. I get to capture and freeze your very own, unique, life because no two stories are the same. I love creating memories that last a lifetime and have your photos tell your story!

You just heard my unique story and I cannot wait to hear yours! 

We all have our own unique story...

time to tell me about you...

what to expect

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