Loving Couples Shoot in Colorado

I LIVE for couples shoots in Colorado.

My first day back in Colorado was ahhh-mazing to say the least! I got to scout out a wedding venue in Boulder, Colorado. Got to check out Chautauqua Park which has an beautiful backdrop of the Flatirons. I was enjoying the beautiful Colorado fall weather, and then headed up to a new spot I have always wanted to visit! Anytime I travel, I of course want to take pictures (I really can’t help myself). So I reached out to Madison + Jacob about doing a couples shoot.

I just have to start off and say, this hike is INTENSE…or maybe I just thought that because my Arizona lungs that are used to 1,000 ft. elevation that were not acclimated yet. St. Mary’s Glacier sits at a whopping 11,200 ft. in elevation. But I grabbed my gear, and hike to the top with the cutest.couple.ever!

Madison and Jacob are both from Georgia. Jacob knew he wanted to live in Colorado so he was first to make the move from Georgia to Colorado. Madison finished college and then followed Jacob out to Colorado back in April! One of the first things they did when moving to Colorado was hike a 14er! which if you don’t know, a 14er is a mountain that reaches at least 14,000 ft. in elevation. Colorado has the most 14er’s, coming at at a whopping 53 mountains. Just for comparison, the second state with the most 14er’s is Alaska and they have…29!

They always say the hardest climbs have the best views and I have to agree. When it comes to couples shoots in Colorado, there are plenty of mountains to climb. I loved getting to go to a new location with these two, and it really finished off my first day back in Colorado. I had a short stay, but my heart was overfilled with love from this couples shoot and it is something I will cherish for a long long time.


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