Classic Wedding at the Ocean Institute

Phew, you can feel all the emotions when looking through this gallery! Madison + Marco got married at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California. It was a classic and emotional wedding with the beauty of the ocean near.

The Couple: A Love Story Made for a Movie

I remember reading all about these two and their love should be a movie. Everything started when they met in college, and became very great friends for 8 years! My favorite story is what is known as the “pantry story”. Madison and Marco were at Madison’s sister wedding. They found themselves in a pantry and Madison asked Marco,

“Why has it never been us”?

Romantic right? Someone get these two a movie deal! So after many years of this growing friendship. They would spend their time playing in the Harbor at Dana Point. Fast forward, Marco proposed to Madison outside the Harbor. So it was only fitting for the two to tie the knot in the Harbor!

Before the Ceremony at the Ocean Institute

The weather was beautiful for this October wedding. When I arrived in Dana Point, it was slightly cloudy but the Ocean Institute was coming together for their special day! Madison arrived and finished getting ready in the most beautiful room that was upstairs with a patio that overlooked the ocean. While Madison spent time with her family and closest friends, Marco spent his time having a board meeting in the office. The vote was unanimous that Marco could marry Madison that day, and the group gave great advice.

Next it was time for Madison + Marcos first look. We did it on the patio that overlooked the ocean with all their family and friends watching inside. Family is super important to these two and they wanted to incorporate them in every way they could!

The Ceremony

Okay okay, so can I just say I am fully obsessed with the circle layout they did for their ceremony. It was so unique and I felt like everyone was so included. Their vows were perfect (and very emotional). Everyone always describes Madison as a words girl so she spoke eloquently. Marco matched Madison with his beautiful written vows that moved him to tears. They did a candle lighting to signify the families becoming one which I love! Right before the exchanging of rings, they passed around the rings to the first row so it can receive the warmth and blessing of their friends and family.

Another unique thing I loved but they had two points during the ceremony where the guests could take their phones out to take photos! This helps sooo much for those that really want those instant cellphone photos, but the photos stayed away during the duration of their ceremony! I would call that a win for those that want an unplugged ceremony!

After the ceremony, we headed out to the edge of a cliff for bridal portraits and I was SO excited for these! Being near the ocean is just a stunning landscape for portraits and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The waves would crash against the rocks, the breeze was blowing the dress and hair so perfectly. After some shots near the cliff, we headed on the Jetty and OMG. Just wait until you see it!

The Reception

After the parent dances it was time for dinner! My absolute favorite part of this was that Madison + Marco hopped in the catering line and served bread to their guests! I mean come on! The rest of the night was kicked off with some flip cup, a delivery of Subway Sandwiches and dancing dancing and more dancing!




Flowers + Decor: Mickie Beshk


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