Fall Wedding in Arkansas

My final trip out of Arizona this year was to Arkansas for a fall wedding! I had been to Arkansas once before but this was going to be my first time having a wedding in Arkansas. My first time in Arkansas I couldn’t stop talking about alllll the trees, so needless to say I was super excited to be surrounded by trees again!

Now, I am not going to lie. My favorite thing about travelling is when my plane lands *insert crying emoji here*. I will be the first to admit that I am not a big fan of flying, I much prefer my feet on land! But I am just foreshadowing here!

Fall in Imboden, Arkansas

After some easy travelling and layovers, I landed in Memphis, Tennessee. The sun was getting ready to set but I could see some leaves changing colors. I wasn’t sure if I would have missed fall or not because it had already passed in Northern Arizona! I made the hour drive out to my Airbnb and rested for the rest of the night. The next morning, I woke up with three intense bug bites on my face (Arkansas really welcomed me). I stepped outside to run to Starbucks to get my “You are Here” collection mug annnnnnd the leaves were all changing! I was so so excited because fall is my favorite season! It was also just a beautiful day outside, so I gathered my stuff to bring outside at my Airbnb. I worked outside, sipping on my coffee and just listened to the rustling of the leaves.

Sandra + Breck’s Wedding Day!

On the morning of Sandra + Breck’s wedding I gathered all my gear and headed out for another hour drive. Sandra + Breck got married in Imboden, Arkansas. A small town in northeastern Arkansas right on the edge of the Ozarks. They decided to get married at a property that is close to where her family lives. They love this area so much they plan to move out here one day! Once I made it to the dirt road I was amazed by the nature around me! Between the trees, animals, and little frogs it is just so different than Arizona! I just knew it was going to be a beautiful fall wedding day in Arkansas.

When I arrived we started with Sandra getting ready. We were racing against the clock though because there was rain in the forecast. After getting Sandra in her dress, it was time for all the fun! I started with Breck who had an airplane clip on his suit. I questioned, “Do you like airplanes” and turns out he’s a pilot so yeah…he must like airplanes. It was just a funny moment between the two of us (and probably because I still had anxiety knowing I had to hop on a flight tomorrow morning to get back home). After his photos, we started on the wedding party. Then it was time for one of my favorite parts of a wedding day, Sandra + Brecks first look!

This first look spot was definitely a favorite of mine! It was right along the lake, and with all the trees and changing leaves in the background made it so dreamy. After the first look they took some shots and we went into some portraits of just the two of them. It was such a sweet moment.

Here Comes the Rain

Right after the first look and portraits, we tried to get oneeee more set of photos in with the entire wedding party. But the rain did come so we moved quickly to get everyone inside! The property had a house with a front porch so we were able to get some family photos done! Funny story, I had them stand under the porch so no one got wet. It was pouring by this point, but I stood on top of a ladder in the rain to get their family portraits done. I had my waterproof jacket and covers on but I still was soaked by the end of it. Definitely a memory I will always keep from their day!

We weren’t really sure how long the rain would last. Everyone’s phone was saying something different. We were trying to decide if we move the ceremony to the protected barn that was were the reception was taking place. As sunset was nearing, the rain magically stopped! So we all ran out to the ceremony and it was just breathtaking area in the middle of the forest. Honestly, it was the perfect Fall Arkansas Wedding!

Right when Sandra + Breck shared their first kiss, a rainbow appeared! After some last little photos out by the ceremony Breck reminded us of a little surprise. They buried a bottle of bourbon upside down at the ceremony site. This southern tradition is done to keep the rain away on your wedding day. Although the day wasn’t completely rain free, everyone made the most of it!


Photography: www.laciephotography.com

Florist: https://www.weddingsandmorebykaren.com/

Makeup: https://www.reganjohnstonmakeup.com/

I’ve got my passport in hand and I am ready to travel anywhere you need me! Click HERE if you are getting married!

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