Playful Boneyard Beach Couples Session

UHM OKAY, so so so obsessed with this entire session. But before we get to this fun couples session at Boneyard Beach, let me set the scene. 

It’s the middle of August, I am sitting in my room preparing for the busy wedding season. Specifically, preparing for my first wedding that was taking place on St. Simons Island in Georgia! (this will be on the blog too so definitely CHECK IT OUT). Any who, St. Simons is roughly an hour from Jacksonville, Florida so I decided to make the most out of this trip and fly into Jacksonville. I love getting to explore new places and this was going to be my first time ever on the East Coast (do you count Florida as the east coast or as the south? Idk but I was stoked to see some white sand beaches.) I knew that flying into Jacksonville, I would love to try and do a couples session down at the beach. But, sometimes finding people can be difficult! 

So again, I am sitting at my desk, scrolling through Facebook. When I came across an old high school friend who posted, “One year back in Jax!” OMG is this a sign???? I immediately messaged her on Facebook, and a few days later messaged her on Instagram as well. I didn’t know if her phone number was the same after all these years and I definitely wanted to get a hold of her. After finally connecting it was official! We planned this super fun and cute couples shoot at Boneyard Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Boneyard Beach is a unique spot in Big Talbot Island State Park. The sand is littered with driftwood and trees and it is EPIC. 

My Day in Jacksonville, Florida.

The day of the beach couples shoot, I looked at the weather for the beach. It said it was basically going to rain the entire time, so I packed up all my gear and double checked that I had my rain covers. This is something AZ photographers might not be used to but my couple was down for rain and I was definitely down for rain. This shoot was going to happen no matter what! 

Next, I headed over to Jacksonville Beach to step foot on a Florida beach. Being an AZ native, and spending most of my time at California beaches, this experience was completely different. I could not get over that it was warm at the beach. Who knew you could sweat at the beach haha! So I kept hopping in the ocean to cool off. It made me think about how every time I am in California, I am in a sweatshirt and leggings and I am still cold by the ocean breeze. And getting in the water in California is so hard cause its chilly! That is not a problem out in Jacksonville. I ran around in the water, ate lunch sitting in the sand, watched the surfers and just took in the ocean air. 

Couples Session at Boneyard Beach!

After my trip to the beach, I met up with Julia and Jagan to drive over to Boneyard Beach. Julia and Jagan got married back in 2020 and had a small intimate beach wedding. So having these two come out for a fun couples session at the beach felt super special.

As I followed Julia and Jagan to Boneyard beach, I was in awe. It was as if we were driving through a forest, but with marshes in between and I just could not get enough. By the time we parked, it had stopped raining!!! We took a little walk through the “forest” to get to the shore. It was so cool seeing a bunch of different mushrooms, trees, just the landscape as a whole!

After making it to the shore the excitement hit. It is so interesting and different to see in person. There was even a small wedding happening down the shoreline. You do not have to go far to find a super cool spot, so we put our stuff down and immediately got started. Here is how everything turned out!

Would you ever do a couples session at the beach? Click HERE to contact me to learn more!

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