St. Simons Island Lighthouse Wedding

When I received a call from Madison’s mom about shooting Madison + Jacob’s wedding out at St. Simons Island, in Georgia, you BET I was going to do whatever it takes to make it happen! If you are looking for a lighthouse wedding venue and live near the Georgia Coast you have to check this out!

I like to call this the Madison and Jacob saga because how we met is pretty unique! You may have read my blog post about a shoot I did at St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado. (If not you can read it here). When I knew I was going out to Colorado in 2020, I wanted to set up a shoot at St. Mary’s Glacier. I had been eyeing it for a while now and had to make it out there! I was scrolling on Instagram through the location tag and came across Madison and Jacob. They had recently done a hike up there and posted it! I reached out asking if her and Jacob would model for me while I was in town and they agreed!

Fast forward a little bit, but I later learned that she was convinced I set up the shoot because Jacob was going to propose! I can definitely see why Madison would have thought that! Although the proposal didn’t happen that day at St. Mary’s it did happen in 2021! I then got to fly out to Colorado for a second time to shoot their engagement session at Red Rocks! This second trip out to Colorado was just amazing (if you know me, you know that I loooove Colorado and it is a second home to me)! We had briefly talked about where the wedding was going to be. Since they were both from Georgia, they planned on getting married at a Lighthouse on St. Simons Island. I was internally screaming because I was just dreaming about shooting their wedding!

The Phone Call

Fast forward to 2022, I get an email from Madison letting me know that her mom was going to reach out to me. Immediately, Bonnie tells me that they are wanting more information on my packages and travel so that I could shoot Madison and Jacobs wedding at the Lighthouse on St. Simons Island. I was seriously so so EXCITED. My dreams were coming true and I just couldn’t believe this was happening and this is my life. So after chatting back and forth it was OFFICIAL!

I was so excited I started to do a bunch of reading on this lighthouse wedding venue. St. Simons Lighthouse was originally built in 1810. The original lighthouse however, was destroyed during the Civil War and was rebuilt in 1872. And that is the lighthouse we know and love today! The lighthouse is a museum but also a wedding venue soooo, like I said I was so so excited!

St. Simons Island

Okay so, now that we know how we got here let’s get to the wedding! After a short 1 hour drive from Jacksonville to St. Simons Island I made it to the cutest Airbnb! It was the same Airbnb where Madison was getting ready with her bridesmaids. The morning of the wedding was a beautiful, relaxing morning. Bonnie brought over coffee and bagels. Everyone was getting their hair and makeup done by Studio Bride who did such an amazing job! If they are in your area you should definitely check out their magic.

Once Madison’s hair and makeup was complete, her mom helped Madison into her dress and she was STUNNING. The bottom of her dress even had feathers so take a close look at the detail photos below! Her dress was from Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique and was in the All Who Wander collection!

We did a first look with the girls which was so special and sweet. By this time it was time to head off to the lighthouse to get the wedding festivities started! The St. Simons Lighthouse Trolley came and picked up the girls which was just too cute (I know I appreciate the little things!)

St. Simons Island Lighthouse

It was a sunning day when we first arrived to the lighthouse. We started with wedding party and then family. A little pro tip here! If you still want to do your first look down the aisle, schedule time before the ceremony to get wedding party and family photos done. This makes such a huge difference when it comes to the cocktail hour because you can start with the family groupings, full wedding party, and then we can focus on just the two of you (with more time too!)

I was able to get the bridesmaids and groomsmen photos as well as both sides of their families done before the storm rolled in. The ceremony was meant to take place outside at this beautiful gazebo, but the weather had other plans. Straton Halls Events sprung into action to flip the reception hall into a beautiful ceremony space.

After the ceremony, it STOPPED RAINING! So Madison, Jacob and I ran outside to do their bridal portraits, and needless to say I am fully obsessed. Okay, I will stop writing so you can see all the magic from this special day!





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