Intimate Boho Wedding in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona weddings are always super special. Being encompassed by the red rocks makes Sedona a popular place to get married in Arizona!

Sierra and Max met in April of 2020! They share a love of camping and the outdoors and chose to have their wedding in Sedona. This spot is super special to them because they have camped there and even got engaged there! When we had our first initial phone call I honestly had no idea what to expect. I knew it was off the beaten path, and I have traveled to a bunch of different spots around Sedona. But just WAIT until you see the pictures from their ceremony cause I am still in awe of this spot.

Getting Ready at the Airbnb!

Sierra and her family got ready at a cute little Airbnb near Airport Mesa. There is a small house in the back where Sierra got into dressed! Sierra chose a two piece bohemian dress from Grace Loves Lace which was a perfect compliment to their intimate Sedona Wedding.

Once Sierra was all dressed, we did a first look with her dad. First looks with dad’s will forever melt my heart! After this I was on my way to see the man of the hour!

Sedona, Arizona: A Dreamy Wedding Location

It was a beautiful sunny drive and I am pretty sure Sierra’s mom said in the car “wow, it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain today”. I never like to say the “rain” word on a wedding day because I feel like I will jinx it! But I promise it wasn’t me this time!

We approached the final destination and Max pointed out where he proposed to Sierra! I was in awe with everything around me. Just a couple yards up the road is where they were having their ceremony. I got out the car and gazed at the most beautiful and dreamy spot. Sedona is such a magical area and this spot just furthers that for me. Especially being off away from all the big tourist locations, I don’t think I can name a better spot for a wedding in Sedona.

This spot is open for day use and this is a friendly reminder that if you are getting married in Sedona, a permit is required! Please reach out to the local USDA Forest Service for more info!

The Ceremony

The ceremony space was beautiful, with a large floral install on a triangle arch. Plants lined the sides of the arch and a rug down the aisle. Again, the view here is stunning and not much decoration is needed!

Sierra and Max had just their closest friends and family watching over them and I just looove intimate weddings. I know it was super important to Sierra and Max too. After the “I do” we were going to try and do the family photos but the weather had other plans. We could see the wall of rain in the distance and thought we had some time. It decided to pour, like some of the hardest rain I have ever seen, and it wasn’t letting up like we hoped. After we decided that everyone needed to head down, we gathered as much as we could, left the arch, and headed down to the reception. However, we did get a little luck on our way down, because the rain let up! We jumped out the car for some portraits in the road!

The Reception: Steak House 89

Sierra and Max finished their day at Steak House 89 with an intimate dinner. Sierra wanted everyone to sit at the same table to be close to all her family. If you are planning an intimate wedding in Sedona, I highly recommend checking out Steak House 89. While at the reception, Sierra, Max, and I stepped away for their private vows. After an amazing dinner, they got to do their first dance, where her Grandpa played one of their favorite songs on his guitar.

The rest of the night was spent enjoying the company of their families. This day was beautiful start to finish and I am still over the moon about Sierra + Max’s wedding in Sedona.






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