Intimate Sedona Elopement at Bell Rock

Ashley + Cody travelled out to Bell Rock to have an intimate elopement. The two of them are from Florida and she told me that they either like to have a lazy movie day or travel across the country and there is no in between. So they found themselves flying across the country to Sedona, Arizona for their elopement with their baby and parents.





Getting Ready

It was a beautiful September day at Bell Rock so it was a perfect day for an intimate elopement. Ashley started her day by getting her hair and makeup done by the amazing Ash! If you are heading to Sedona I cannot recommend her enough! You can find her on Instagram @desertsagehmua.

I am not going to lie, I look at the weather like a hawk when it comes to weddings, elopements, engagements (you know, anything that is outside). I joke that I should be a weather meteorologist or something because I am on the weather app at LEAST once a day. So I knew there was some light rain in the forecast but let’s not forget these two are from Florida. They are used to the rain unlike us desert dwellers! We grabbed our umbrellas, my pop up tent, and hiked up the short distance to a secluded location so they could finish getting ready.

The Ceremony

Ashley changed into her dress and we started with a first look with Bell Rock in the background! This spot in Sedona is definitely one of my favorites (especially for elopements). There are 360 views of red rocks with very limited crowds. That means no distractions on the most important day ever! After the first look, we started their ceremony. Sarah Lamar was their officiant and spoke the most beautiful words during the ceremony.

Ashley + Cody wanted to save their personal vows for just the two of them. We walked over to a spot with again the most stunnnnning view! Another thing to know about Ashley and Cody is that they will do rock paper scissors to make decisions for everything. So when it came time to read their vows, you bet they did rock paper scissors to see who would go first. Ashley won so Cody had to start!

While Ashley read her vows to Cody, the most vibrant rainbow started to appear. We spent the rest of the day just soaking in the red rocks and sharing Ashley + Cody’s love. Oh, and we didn’t even have to take out the umbrellas. This Sedona elopement was perfect from start to finish!

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