Foggy Engagement Session at Sunset Point

This foggy engagement session at sunset point feels like a once in a lifetime moment. Spring was a very rain season this year, and the day of Kady + Sawyer’s engagement session was no exception. We knew there was rain in the forecast, but they were ready to go! Honestly, since it doesn’t rain in Arizona often I was excited for a rainy engagement session. Give my all The Notebook vibes please!

Sunset Point is well-known as the halfway point from Phoenix, Arizona to Flagstaff, Arizona. It has stunning mountain views that I remember fondly from growing up, but I love it for the endless grass fields and of course, the sunset! When I first started photography, I always thought this would be an epic location, and I was right. I’ve had engagement sessions on bright and sunny days, stormy cloudy days, days with rainbows, and now I can add this foggy engagement session to the list.

Kady + Sawyer’s Engagement Shoot at Sunset Point

I packed my clear umbrellas and drove north to Sunset Point! I LOVE these clear umbrellas for engagement shoots and weddings. You can protect yourself from rain, but still be able to see your faces! I got mine on Amazon HERE. As I made my way up the mountain, I could see the dark clouds which quickly turned into rain. And soon enough, I was in the midst of it all, a full blown foggy mountain.

Once I parked I was amazed at the view. I have been to sunset point plenty of times, mostly during very sunny days. This was something I had never seen before, you could see the fields of grass, the misty rain drops, and rolling over the hills was the fog. My description doesn’t do it justice so just wait until you see the photos.

As you could guess, it was impossible to stay dry during this foggy engagement session, after a few minutes with the umbrellas, Kady + Sawyer ditched them all together. They ran, got their boots stuck in the mud, laughed, danced, and had the best time.

Are you getting married this year? Click HERE to inquire about an engagement session! (Although the fog was a paid actor for this session, I can guarantee loads of fun, fog or shine!)

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