Mountain Views at Superstition Manor

Megan + Clayton got married at the South Villa area of Superstition Manor. Superstition Manor: Wedding and Event Center is a popular wedding venue located in East Mesa, Arizona. It is well known for it’s stunning views of the Superstition Mountains, an iconic mountain everyone in Phoenix knows and loves.

Superstition Manor: Wedding and Event Center

Before I even became a photographer, I had attended a wedding at Superstition Manor. I just remember how massive the entire building was. And now as a full time wedding photographer I swear it gets even bigger!! Superstition Manor has three event spaces to choose from: The North Villa, South Villa, and the Barn. So you can really choose a space that you love and matches your vibe for your wedding day!

Megan and Clayton got married at the South Villa which has a beautiful outdoor ceremony space. There is a stunning view of the superstition mountains behind the alter. And offers both an indoor and outdoor space. Perfect for an outdoor ceremony, and indoor dancing!

Getting Ready at Superstition Manor

When I arrived Megan already had her hair done and was just getting her makeup started! I started on all her details and captured the final moments of her makeup. Next was getting her into the dress and onto all the fun! We hopped into the first look with her dad and then the first look with Clayton. I just love when the grooms check out their bride and just how excited they are to finally get married!

After the emotion of the first looks, we hopped into their family photos and wedding party! We were able to get all the photos done prior to the ceremony which I always love! Megan and Clayton wanted to enjoy some time with their guests during the cocktail hour so it worked out perfectly.

The Ceremony: A Beautiful View of the Superstition Mountains and All About Megan + Clayton

Megan + Clayton met on Tinder and were dating for 5 years by the time they got married! The moved cross country with each other twice! And my favorite story they told me was that they happened to be in Italy at the same TIME, they just hadn’t met yet!

Megan + Clayton are just the sweetest, they have such a warm energy around them. The one thing I kept noticing while they held hands at the alter was Clayton rubbing his thumb again Megan’s hand. Just melts my heart.

Couple Portraits in Front of the Superstition Mountains

Who doesn’t love that view of Lost Dutchman? Superstition Manor is an awesome venue because you have close access to the desert to enjoy and capture that stunning view. After enjoying cocktail hour for a little, we went out to the desert to start their wedding portraits!

Also something super crazy. But as we walked out into the desert, we went under the powerlines and in front of a cactus. Clayton touched Megan and was like are you vibrating? Almost as if her phone was vibrating. A few minutes later Megan touched Clayton and was like omg you are vibrating too. I am convinced the power line was making our skin vibrate which is pretty freaky to think about.

We headed back to the venue, but came out a second time around sunset to get those final views of the superstition mountains.

The Reception

The reception is where all the final details come out! They honored their late dog Zeus with a drink named after him, a spicy jalapeno margarita named Zesty Zeus. They also had a printed canvas from their engagement session above their sweetheart table. It was incredibly sweet to see a touch of him in their wedding.

After the grand entrance they did their first dance and soon after was the parent dances. The dances are always such a sweet moment during the night and this one was no different.

Lastly, let’s chat about dessert. I have a huge sweet tooth but I try to refrain from the cake and cupcakes at weddings. But Megan + Clayton had a cake from Nothing Bundt Cake that is my weakness. They also had a chocolate fountain which was one of my favorite dessert stations I have seen! I could not resist a chocolate covered strawberry.

Everyone danced the night away and it was truly a stunning and intimate day!


Venue: Superstition Manor

Photographer: Lacie Photography

Makeup: Meghan Martinez

Hair: Something Beautiful

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Florist: Love in Bloom

Wedding Dress: Brilliant Bridal

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